Serious Black @ Sala Caracol, Madrid, Spain 15/9 -17

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So, this is going to be a ride from start to finish. So bare with me, seriously. So, in the morning after Battle Beast we got up… well a bit early, I will say, but we did also go to bed fairly early so it was a win win I guess. We took the airport train out to the airport, I said goodbye to Hansi who were going to continue homewards and I got ready for my flight.

The flight was uneventful, the only thing really was that Santi, who was coming in from Mallorca, had his plane delayed, and at the time we had really no idea of knowing when he would come. So, once arrived at the airport I found a nice spot and sat down and waited for him.

An hour and a half later than he was supposed to arrive, he arrived and we headed off to the car rental place. Upon now, I notice the doors for Serious Black is opening at 19, and at the time we arrived at car rental place it was 18. Where there was a line. Because the place didn’t have enough cars or whatever.

So, at like 19.30 or so, we finally got our car. We drove to the hotel, and were lucky to get a decent parking spot. At 20 or so we were at the hotel, resting one moment, getting changed and then hitting the road again, as Serious Black would go on stage at 21.25. So, we left the hotel at 20.30 ish and left with the car at 20.50, when it was half an hour drive to the venue. Oh shit.

So, we arrived at the venue at 21.23, cutting it close…. and then we spent another 30 minutes ish looking for parking.

So for the first time in my life, I’ve managed to miss out on a band. We gladly found one of those big parking houses like ten minutes away, and we walked shitfast to the venue and arrived somewhere in the middle of the set.

Serious Black

So, yeah, the venue was half full, which was good to see! I mean, last time I saw them they were opening act for HammerFall and Orden Ogan and we weren’t many fans. Three albums in now, and they are doing so good on their own headline tours.

They had a whole theme going on based on the recent release “Magic”, and it was nice to see them with more of a stage show. Correct clothing, nice surroundings. Sadly, I do not remember exactly when in the set I actually came in, but the first song I can still remember hearing is “Castor Skies”, so lets take it from there.

“Lone Gunmen Rule” was next song on the list, and what I really love about this little gig is that, the turnout was relatively good, and I was happy to see that like, all the people in the venue knew the songs and were big fans. I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s a headline tour, but still. It makes me so happy.

“This Machine Is Broken” was next song on the list, then followed by “Now You’ll Never Know” which is, as you guys know, my favorite song on the most recent album, so I was so happy to see they actually played it.

“As Long as I’m Alive” was fired off, followed by “Setting Fire To The Earth” before it was time for the single off the recent album, “Burn Witches! Burn”. “I Seek No Other Life” and “High and Low” wrapped up a pleasant evening, and the band thanked for themselves and left the stage.

We hung around a little bit in order to catch up with them quickly, before we head off back. We tried to find a place to eat – Burger King – and instead started cruising the streets of city Madrid while blasting Rammstein about as loud as we could.

It was a beautiful evening and night, and a nice drive back to the hotel and we got to bed to enjoy a nice night of rest before the big day tomorrow.

// Sara


Battle Beast @ Hard Rock Café, Oslo, Norway 14/9 -17

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So, I’m back on the road again I guess you could say. It’s a small tour, but I guess it’s a good way to start off. As I’m heading off to Spain tomorrow, I felt it was a good stop over to do in Oslo to catch Battle Beast on their first ever Norwegian show. How amazing isn’t that?

I had spent a few days with my friend Hansi before, and fairly early we headed into Oslo from his place. We went by some recordstores and dined out before getting ready and heading off to the show.

Hard Rock Café is a pretty small venue, needless to say. We arrived when the doors open – I like to be on  time, especially today seeing there were NO supportband whatsoever, making it even more risky to be late. I want to see the whole show, that’s just as it.s

Battle Beast were supposed to enter the stage ca 21, but didn’t end up entering until almost half past. Hum. Either way, they entered the stage and with flawless energy they opened their set with “Straight To The Heart”, and then launched into “Bringer of Pain”.

The house was near sold out, or perhaps even got sold out, which was a really nice thing to see. I wasn’t sure what to expect – for the first they aren’t really that big, but I’ve come to realize bands are usually bigger than you think they are.

“Familiar Hell” was next song on the list, and while there seemed to be a big bunch of Battle Beast fans, the crowd was somewhat what I expected it to be, mainly drunk norwegians. Or perhaps I should say, drunk rude norwegians. I was sorely reminded yesterday as to why I don’t like attending shows here in the North. The fucking people.

Or actually, the majority of them I guess are fine. But there’s always that one disgusting asshole, and they always target me. Remember Powerwolf? That got so bad Roel Van Helden threw the guy out? Yeah, we had something like that this time too, but a 40+ old woman who were so drunk she kept smashing me into Hansi, who on the other hand was already backed up against the bar. Despite it being A LOT of space in front of us, she was always going to lean back. Always squeeze in. After a while I got so fucking tired, that I went in infront of her, and were so fucking close to smash the phone out of her hand. Bah. People like her, and her alone, ruins experiences for people so much.

“We Will Fight” was next on the list, before they continued on with “Let it Roar”. This is one of the few times you will see me standing glued with a phone, as I was trying out this cute little live feature, which worked well.

“Black Ninja” was next on the list, and this was well received by the crowd, gladly! The beautiful “Far From Heaven” was next, followed then by “Lost in Wars”. This song has grown so much on me lately, becoming better and better.

The heavy powerpackage that is “Iron Hand” was next, and can we just stop one moment and appreciate this band, and mostly so Noora? What an incredible front woman she is. A complete powerpackage. I could just watch her perform all day, all night.

Noora asked us if we wanted to dance with them, which only means one thing: “Touch in the Night”. And I’ll tell you this – I have never in my life missed my dearest Laura as much as now. Last time I saw Battle Beast we were together, and “Touch in the Night” is kind of our song. Sure, the song was also the themesong of both Powerwolf trip in 2015 AND United States this year, but it’s nothing like how it has become mine and Laura’s song. And I stood there almost looking around to see if I could just find her somewhere… It was empty without her. BUT, Battle Beast performed it well.

Vikings. Unlike the other shows I’ve seen with Battle Beast on this tour, this time, when they asked if there were any vikings in the crowd, it actually makes sense. Of course – this won’t even be hard for you to figure out, “Bastard Son of Odin” was next on the list. “Out of Control” was next, “King for a Day”, and finally, we could see the crowd waking up a bit, before they wrapped up the entire set with “Beyond Burning Skies”.

The band thanked for the show, and then they left the stage. Notice that this is a show without the encore thing going on, which is really cool, I don’t mind to be honest.

The show was great. Like, Battle Beast is one of those bands that you can see live how many times you want, but they will still blow you away everytime. I can’t wait to see them again later this year, will be amazing.

On our way out I ran into Helle, a girl I originally met at Sabaton Open Air last year, and got to catch up a bit with her, which was nice. It was unexpected, but now I know.

We picked up some food, made our way back to the hotel and crashed in bed. Tomorrow I’m off again, to Spain this time and Serious Black and 3 Hell Rock Fest.

// Sara

REVIEW: Serious Black – Magic

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Serious Black – probably one of the most productive bands in metal today, is out with their third album in just three years – and their career has been going nothing but up. Starting out with a few tours with HammerFall and Gamma Ray, they then continued on to have successful headline tours – and are currently out on one more as we speak. “Magic” is their first attempt at a concept album – fitting concept, seeing the name is inspired by Sirius Black from Harry Potter. Aside the concept, the band hoped to achieve a diverse and organic- feel album, without too much production.

So how about the album then?

As mentioned, this is a conceptalbum. Throughout the album, lyrically, we follow the story of Mr Nightmist and his journey to unravel the secrets and mysteries of the world. The lyrical theme follows through on each song, binding it all together. The lyrics are well made – you can follow the story quite easily, and they all link together.

Musically, the album starts off with a, at first spoken, intro that moves into instrumental, launching you into the first song of the album, “Binary Magic” which carries and in-your-face kind of intro, and then calms down for the verse only to pick up the speed again, merging into a pretty powerful chorus. The album then continues on with an aggressive second song, “Burn! Witches Burn!”, which sadly falls a bit flat at the chorus for me personally.

And the album moves a bit up and down like this – the catchy “Lone Gunmen Rule” to the very sentimental “Now You’ll Never Know” which quickly grew into be one of my favorites off the album. While the album is quite diversed, they still link together nicely, with the common Serious Black sound we have all gotten used to.

The final ending of the album is a more calm and hidden song called “One Final Song” which I find very interesting – consisting of hints toward “Bohemian Rhapsody” it quickly becomes the most interesting song on the album, and also personally for me, the only song that actually grasps the context of magic.

Because that is what I felt was missing. The songs linked together, the lyrics was fine – but I missed some sort of ‘magical’ or ‘carnival’ kind of accessory to keep the concept up, making it a red thread, which shouldn’t be an impossibility as we’ve seen bands like Lordi and Avatar do it before – and even the band themselves in their last song.

The album is, all in all, pretty good though. Certain points as mentioned would have made it even better, but songwriting wise it was really good. All that is missing is the whole feel of a concept.

Favorite song: Now You’ll Never Know
Least Favorite: Serious Black Magic. But it’s hard to pick.
Dance-friendliness:  4/14
Headbang-friendliness:  8/ 14
Crowd-friendliness: 3/14

(Label: AFM Records)

// Sara


Amaranthe @ Uddeholmsladan, Uddeholm, Sweden 2/9 – 17

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So, the day was here, Amaranthe playing in Uddeholm, a small town from where I live in Sweden – probably the most unexpected city for me to ever catch a show in to be honest. But here we were.

We left fairly late, decided to stop by my summer cabin to have some barbecue, sort of, before going to the venue. My summer cabin is in the very same city as this venue, so it’s sort of perfect. In a way, you could say I live there.

So, we made it to the venue about an hour or so after the doors had opened because of various delays, but it didn’t really seem to matter and quite frankly, I sort of expected this to happen – that there would still be some spots available at the front row. It’s usually like that, you learn with time.

So, with that said, we claimed our spots at the front, and waited for the support band to begin.

JD Miller

Supportband for tonight was JD Miller, a fairly fresh Swedish band that says to be a mix between Evergrey and Eclipse, and I do feel that description fits them well. They put on a very good show – very energetic and a good vibe from the stage, but I can’t say I enjoyed the music that much. Sorry guys.

After this, the little wait for Amaranthe began and I’ll tell you a little bit about the venue while I’m at it, shall I? So, this is a barn. This is what the venue is called – The Uddeholm Barn, but it is in fact a beautiful barn. It was quite cold, but that aside, it was really nice. A big contender to Le Petit Bain in France, as far as being best and coolest venue goes.

And just like that, it was time for Amaranthe to start. The intro started rolling, and then pouring out into ”Maximize”


They opened up strongly with ”Maximize”, and then launched themselves right into ”Boomerang” – as they have done the whole tour really. It’s all as if it’s going by routine. Of course, in a way it is, but it’s something about this band that makes everything, everything they do, seem extremely rehearsed.

The power pack and one of my now personal favorites ”Hunger” was next on the list, which gave them a little bit of response from the crowd. The crowd was bigger than I’d expect it to be in a place like this, but not too responsive. Well, yet that is.

They continued on with ”Invincible”  and quickly followed it up with ”1.000.000 Lightyears” before moving on to my personal favorite album of Amaranthe, ”MASSIVE ADDICTIVE” in the shape of ”Trinity”, and then ”True”.

Nils and Elize do really work well together, voice vice as well as chemistry vice, but I do also have to admit that I miss Jake. No matter how much I love Nils, I’ll always miss his vocals a bit. But don’t get this the wrong way – I love everything Nils does. I couldn’t have found a better replacement. And speaking of Nils, Andreas was missing from the line up today, so Jonathan from Dynazty had filled his place. So glad to see.

The duet between Elize and Henrik, ”Fury” was up next before Elize had her own little solomoment with ”Endlessly”. I do really love this song, and it’s magical when she performs it live, but it’s becoming a little too much focus on Elize, or is it just me? This is a three vocalist band, after all.

Morten had his own little moment before it was time to rip off, what is my favorite song off ”Maximalism” – ”On The Rocks”. I love this song live though, it’s just so good. ”Automatic” was next on the list before my all time favorite song – and I guess almost all of the venues too – ”The Nexus” was ripped off.

Elize came out on her own from the side, started off the sing along that is ”Amaranthine” and it did make me so happy to see they have this kind of following up here. ”Call Out My Name” wrapped up the whole set, and the band left the stage.

The intro for ”Digital World” poured out of the speakers and the band came on stage for their last four encores, starting with ”Digital World” that later turned into ”That Song”. ”Dynamite” was ripped off before they performed the last song for the evening, ”Drop Dead Cynical”. The band thanked for the evening and then walked off stage.

The show was good. I’ve seen this same set a few times now, so I guess it’s starting to get old for me, but that aside it was good. The band still feels a bit rehearsed, a bit off, but I don’t know if it’s just me or this is just really the case.

After the show we headed off right home, slowly, as the rain had attracted the frog invasion and we tried to not kill any. Which was easier said than done.

// Sara

The Eagle Has Landed

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The last week spent with Sjorven visiting we did a lot of fun things together, and to be honest I’ll just group them together in one long entry, as there are some of them.

Firstly, the day after Civil War we were set to go to Liseberg. However, we had some car issues that gladly were easily resolved. So, we got a little bit later to Liseberg than planned, but no major issue if you ask me.

We had a fun day – doing a lot of coasters, eating candy and good food and for me, spent a lot of time in the arcade hall. In the events where Sjorven would go on roller coasters I can’t ride because of my heartcondition, I would gamble at those bigger games, and I actually won the Balder Race. Which surprised me.

Once the park closed we headed straight home and went to bed.

We went to Fulufjälets national park to witness Njupeskär’s waterfall, which was really cool. The last time I visited something like this since my time in Australia. It was really beautiful. We stopped in Malung on our way home to have delicious pizza.

The last couple of days were spent playing a lot of Pokémon Go. We got into raiding, so we went all across the city to participate in Raids and walk around the city. One of the last things to do before he went, was to see Amaranthe.

// Sara


Civil War @ Falkenberg Rock Fest, Falkenberg, Sweden 26/8 – 17

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So, yeah, this thing about Sabaton Open Air being the last festival didn’t exactly happen. And I suppose you are not surprised, so perhaps I shouldn’t be either that I wound up on yet another festival, but this time, in a lot smaller scale.

Since we were really only interested in one band on the bill, we decided to get a one day ticket, and to head down somewhat in time for the band to enter the stage. For once in my life, we actually left in a good amount of time. We even had time to stop by in Gothenburg to pick up some food. Even better, we had a bit of a shitty incident on our way from Gothenburg to Falkenberg, which ran as smooth as ever as well!

Once at the arena, we simply went inside and watched the remainder of Liv Sin’s set. It was a great set – she’s a really cool frontwoman, and I enjoyed it a lot.

After the set, we were escorted out of the venue because of soundcheck, which was a bit… weird to me, if I can say so, but oh well. It means we had better chance for front row. And when they finally opened the doors again, we gained our spots. Perfect!

Civil War

Right as announced, the band walked on stage and started off the set with “USS Monitor”. This was the first time for me seeing them with their new singer, Kelly Sundown, and I was about to learn that this was his first show in Sweden as well. Good on you Kelly!

“St Patricks Day” was next on the list, tightly followed by “Gettysburg”. As I sort of imagined, the turn out as far as FANS went, wasn’t too big – BUT – the house was somewhat full. Just energydrained. “Deliverance” off their most recent album was next on the list, and I guess about this time I can honestly say that I love Kelly as a front man for Civil War. He is doing such a good job! And he fits right in.

“A Tale That Never Should be Told” was next, followed by one of my personal favorites “I Will Rule The Universe”. “Tombstone”, which was quickly grown into one of my personal favorite songs was next, and seriously, probably the best moment on the entire show. I really love this song.

“Bay of Pigs” wrapped up the set, they left the stage only to return to finish off the set with “Rome is Falling”.

The band thanked for the time, and left the stage.

Personally, it was soooo good to see them again, I loved it. I have missed them, I really have.

After the show, we excited the venue again, went outside and watched that band outside, and then came back in, at least I was, to catch Lillasyster. They had a better turn out, I guess they are somewhat of a local band, or just very very big. I’ve seen them once or twice before, so I enjoyed the set even if I’m not a big fan. Was a nice wrap up.

After the show, we headed back to the car and drove to a nearby breakstation where we parked for the night and went to bed. Tomorrow was time for new adventures.

// Sara


Gods of War

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I will admit that the first week after the festival wasn’t very exciting. We spent two days unpacking everything, cleaning out everything and doing major grocery shopping. Playing some Pokémon Go.

The first exciting thing would be what we were doing today, preparing the car for the upcoming adventures. Tomorrow we were set to go off to Falkenberg for what could POTENTIALLY be the last festival of the year – but then again you never know with me. And I don’t even know anymore what to call a festival anymore.

We cleaned out the car and prepped it, so that close to everything would be done. The only thing missing was a matress for the car, but we figured we’d pick that up later.

To celebrate the oncoming show, we had tacos for dinner and watched some movies before going to bed. It was a big day tomorrow!

// Sara