Upcoming Events:
April 27-28: Rock City Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

May 25-26: Raise Your Fist For Metal, Forshaga, Sweden

June 6-9th: Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Sweden
June 10th: Katy Perry, Stockholm, Sweden
June 21-24th: Graspop Metal Meeting, Dessel, Belgium

July 12-15th: Masters of Rock, Vizovice, Czech Republic

August 2-4th: Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany
August 15-18th: Sabaton Open Air, Falun, Sweden

December: Sabaton Cruise, Stockholm, Sweden

January 31st – Feb 4th: 70.000 Tons of Metal, Ft Lauderdale, USA

Past events:


June 9th: Wig Wam, Eidsvoll, Norway
July 8th: Wig Wam, Söre Osen, Norway
July 14th: Wig Wam, Fagernes, Norway
July 22th: Wig Wam, Halden,Norway
August 18th: Wig Wam, Årnes, Norway
August 24th: Wig Wam, Hamar, Norway
September 9th: Wig Wam, Oslo, Norway
September 19th: Sabaton, Gothenburg, Sweden
September 19th: Lordi, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 4th: Wig Wam, Trögsta, Norway


January 20th: Krokus, Stockholm, Sweden
January 20th: The Poodles, Stockholm, Sweden
January 20th: HammerFall, Stockholm, Sweden
April 28th: The Ark, Gothenburg, Sweden
May 5th: Wig Wam, Flisa, Norway
June 5th: Papa Roach, Stockholm, Sweden
June 5th: Mötley Crüe, Stockholm, Sweden
June 16th: Wig Wam, Lilleström, Norway
June 16th: CRASH!, Halden, Norway
June 16th: Wig Wam, Halden, Norway
June 16th: TNT, Lilleström, Norway
June 28th: The Sounds, Borlänge, Sweden
June 28th: Crashdïet, Borlänge, Sweden
June 28th: HammerFall, Borlänge, Sweden
June 29th: Sabaton, Borlänge, Sweden
June 29th: Jerry Williams, Borlänge, Sweden
June 29th: Alice Cooper, Borlänge, Sweden
June 30th: Bo Kaspers Orkester, Borlänge, Sweden
June 30th: The Ark, Borlänge, Sweden
July 13th: Markus Fagervall, Svedala, Sweden
July 13th: The Ark, Svedala, Sweden
July 14th: Fatal Smile, Helsingborg, Sweden
July 14th: Stevie Jaimz, Helsingborg, Sweden
July 14th: Cloudscape, Helsingborg, Sweden
July 14th: Gotthard, Helsingborg, Sweden
July 20th: Måns Zelmerlöw, Sunne, Sweden
July 20th: Andreas Johnson, Sunne, Sweden
July 20th: The Ark, Sunne, Sweden
July 25th: Wig Wam, Hundefossen, Norway
July 26th: Wig Wam, Hundefossen, Norway
August 17th: The Ark, Stockholm, Sweden
August 17th: The Poodles, Märsta, Sweden
August 24th: Dream Evil, Stockholm, Sweden
August 24th: HammerFall, Stockholm, Sweden
August 31th: Europe, Dalhalla, Sweden
September 9th: ARTCH, Fredrikstad, Norway
October 27th: Tryckvåg, Mora, Sweden
October 27th: Sator, Mora, Sweden
October 27th: Sabaton, Mora, Sweden
October 27th: HammerFall, Mora, Sweden
October 31th: The Poodles, Berlin, Germany
October 31th: Gotthard, Berlin, Germany
November 13th: Easy Action, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 13th: Twisted Sister, Gothenburg, Sweden
December 17th: Turbonegro, Gothenburg, Sweden
December 17th: Marilyn Manson, Gothenburg, Sweden


March 1st: Crashdïet, Gothenburg, Sweden
March 1st: Lillasyster, Gothenburg, Sweden
March 1st: Hardcore Superstar, Gothenburg, Sweden
May 30th: Happy Pill, Stockholm, Sweden
May 30th: Crooked X, Stockholm,Sweden
May 30th: KISS, Stockholm, Sweden
June 5th: Sonic Syndicate, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 5th: ELO I & ELO II, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 5th: Judas Priest, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 6th: TEAM CANS, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 6th: Ace Frehley, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 6th: The Poodles, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 6th: Hanoi Rocks, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 6th: Whitesnake, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 6th: Def Leppard, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 7th: Gotthard, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 7th: RATT, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 7th: Poison, Sölvesborg,Sweden
June 14th: Billion Dollar Babies, Falun, Sweden
June 14th: Panzer Princess, Falun, Sweden
June 14th: Mimikry, Falun, Sweden
June 14th: Mary Fay, Falun, Sweden
June 14th: Skyride, Falun, Sweden
June 14th: Mystic Prophecy, Falun, Sweden
June 14th: Sabaton, Falun, Sweden
June 26th: Amanda Jenssen, Borlänge, Sweden
June 26th: Hardcore Superstar, Borlänge, Sweden
June 26th: Sabaton, Borlänge, Sweden
June 26th: Vanity BLVD, Borlänge, Sweden
June 27th: The Hellactopers, Borlänge, Sweden
June 27th: Sex Pistols, Borlänge, Sweden
June 28th: Neverstore, Borlänge, Sweden
June 28th: The 69 Eyes, Borlänge, Sweden
June 28th: W.A.S.P., Borlänge, Sweden
June 28th: Hanoi Rocks, Borlänge, Sweden
July 17th: The Poodles, Allsång på Skansen/Stockholm, Sweden
July 18th: H.E.A.T, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
July 18th: April Divine, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
July 18th: Thin Lizzy, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
July 18th: Alice Cooper, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
October 1st: H.E.A.T, Gothenburg, Sweden
October 1st: Sabaton, Gothenburg, Sweden
October 2nd: H.E.A.T, Malmö, Sweden
October 2nd: Sabaton, Malmö,Sweden
November 9th: Cube, Sarpsborg, Norway
November 9th: CRASH!, Sarpsborg, Norway
November 9th: Wig Wam, Sarpsborg,Norway
December 12th: Motörhead, Karlstad, Sweden


February 20th: The Answer, Stockholm, Sweden (External)
February 20th: AC/DC, Stockholm, Sweden (External)
March 27th: Bullet, Gothenburg, Sweden (External)
March 27th: Sabaton, Gothenburg, Sweden (External)
March 27th: HammerFall, Gothenburg, Sweden (External)
March 28th: Fatal Smile, Stockholm, Sweden
March 28th: Lordi, Stockholm, Sweden (Opens in new window)
May 9th: Wolf, Örebro, Sweden
May 9th: Sabaton, Örebro, Sweden
May 9th: HammerFall, Örebro, Sweden
May 30th: Mama Kin, Karlstad, Sweden
June 3rd: Innocent Rosie, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 3rd: Amon Amarth, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 3rd: Uriah Heep, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 4th: H.E.A.T, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 4th: HammerFall, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 4th: Twisted Sister, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 5th: Axident Avenue, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 5th: Lita Ford, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 6th: Europe, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 25th: Volbeat, Borlänge,  Sweden
June 25th: Mötley Crüe, Borlänge, Sweden
June 26th: Turbonegro, Borlänge, Sweden
August 2nd: Hypercrush, Stockholm, Sweden
August 2nd: Lady GaGa, Stockholm, Sweden
August 12th: HammerFall, Gothenburg, Sweden
October 12th: Prima Donna, Oslo, Norway
October 12th: Green Day, Oslo, Norway
December 12th: Badmouth, Trollhättan, Sweden
December 12th: Pretty Boy Floyd, Trollhättan, Sweden
December 14th: Roxie 77, Gothenburg, Sweden
December 14th: Electric Boys, Gothenburg, Sweden
December 14th: Alice Cooper, Gothenburg, Sweden


January 23rd: Wig Wam, Halden, Norway
February 23rd: Chainz, Gothenburg, Sweden
February 23rd: Gotthard, Gothenburg, Sweden
May 1st: Fatal Smile, Stockholm, Sweden
May 1st: Nasty Idols, Stockholm, Sweden
May 1st: Crashdïet, Stockholm, Sweden
May 1st: XYZ, Stockholm, Sweden
May 1st: Tigertailz, Stockholm, Sweden
May 7th: Lady Gaga, Stockholm, Sweden
June 11th: Steel Panther, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 11th: Cinderella, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 12th: Dream Evil, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 12th: W.A.S.P, Sölvesborg,Sweden
July 8th: Gasoline Queen, Mohed, Sweden
July 9th: Danger Danger, Mohed, Sweden
July 9th: Twisted Sister, Mohed, Sweden
July 9th: Crazy Lixx, Mohed, Sweden
July 9th: Sebastian Bach, Mohed, Sweden
July 10th: Treat, Mohed, Sweden
July 10th: Backdraft, Mohed, Sweden
July 10th: Mama Kin, Mohed, Sweden
July 10th: Electric Boys, Mohed, Sweden
July 10th: Deep Purple, Mohed, Sweden
July 10th: Bonafide, Mohed, Sweden
July 10th: Fatal Smile, Mohed, Sweden
July 10th: Bai Bang, Mohed, Sweden
August 6th: Crashdiet, Stockholm, Sweden
August 7th: HammerFall, Stockholm, Sweden
August 7th: Alice Cooper, Stockholm, Sweden
August 7th: Mötley Crüe, Stockholm, Sweden
August 14th: Bullet, Västerås, Sweden
August 14th: Crashdiet, Västerås, Sweden
September 10th: Wig Wam, Stockholm, Sweden
September 10th: Pretty Boy Floyd, Stockholm, Sweden
September 10th: Lizzy Borden, Stockholm, Sweden
September 18th: Lordi, Helsinki, Finland
September 24th: Alestorm, Karlstad, Sweden
September 24th: Sabaton, Karlstad, Sweden
November 28th: Burning Black, Paris, France
November 28th: The Dogma, Paris, France
November 28th: Lordi, Paris, France
December 17th: Crashdiet, Karlskoga, Sweden

January 29th: Crashdiet, Karlstad, Sweden
February 4th: Honey Hellraiser, Helsinki, Finland
February 4th: Santa Cruz, Helsinki, Finland
February 4th: Show By SO.(Stala&SO.), Helsinki, Finland
March 5th: The Ark, Karlstad, Sweden
April 1st: Michael Monroe, Västerås, Sweden
April 16th: The 69 Eyes, Stockholm, Sweden
April 16th: Crashdiet, Stockholm, Sweden
April 16th: Hardcore Superstar, Stockholm, Sweden
June 11th: The Poodles, Sunne, Sweden (Hå
June 20th: Hollywood Vampires, Stockholm, Sweden
June 20th: Badmouth, Stockholm, Sweden
June 20th: Cinderella, Stockholm, Sweden
July 1st: Badmouth, Stockholm, Sweden
July 4th: Alice Cooper, Stockholm, Sweden
July 16th: Reckless Love, Tampere, Finland
August 12th: Sister, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 12th: Dynazty, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 13th: Badmouth, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 13th: Electric Boys, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 13th: Fatal Smile, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 13th: Hardcore Superstar, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 13th: Pretty Boy Floyd, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 13th: W.A.S.P, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 25th: The Ark, Gothenburg, Sweden
September 14th: Honey Hellraiser, Helsinki, Finland
September 14th: Stala&SO., Helsinki, Finland
September 15th: Stains, Stockholm, Sweden
September 15th: Gotham Saints, Stockholm, Sweden
September 15th: Vietcong Pornsurfers, Stockholm, Sweden
September 16th: The Ark, Stockholm, Sweden
September 17th: Le Kid, Stockholm, Sweden
September 17th: Jedward, Stockholm, Sweden
September 30th: Badmouth, Västerås, Sweden
September 30th: Gilby Clarke, Västerås, Sweden
November 11th: Ammotrack, Karlstad, Sweden
November 11th: Avatar, Karlstad, Sweden
November 11th: Hardcore Superstar, Karlstad, Sweden
November 19th: Apezone, Helsinki, Finland
November 19th: Honey Hellraiser, Helsinki, Finland
November 19th: Stala&SO., Helsinki, Finland
November 25th: Lizzy Borden, Lichtenfels, Germany
November 25th: Destruction, Lichtenfels, Germany
November 25th: Anvil, Lichtenfels, Germany
November 25th: Exodus, Lichtenfels, Germany
November 25th: Sepultura, Licthenfels, Germany
November 25th: Lordi, Lichtenfels, Germany
November 25th: Saxon, Lichtenfels, Germany
November 25th: HammerFall, Licthenfels, Germany
December 14th: Steel Panther, London, United Kingdom
December 14th: Mötley Crüe, London, United Kingdom
December 14th: Def Leppard, London, United Kingdom

March 13th: Lipstick Liontigers (?), Oslo, Norway
March 13th: Steel Panther, Oslo, Norway
March 14th: The Treatment, Copenhagen,Denmark
March14th: Steel Panther, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 23rd: HammerFall, Karlstad, Sweden
March 28th: Stala&SO., Stockholm, Sweden
March 28th: VAIN, Stockholm, Sweden
March 29th: Stala&SO., Trollhättan, Sweden
March 30th: Stala&SO., Växjö, Sweden
June6th: Sabaton, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 6th: H.E.A.T, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 6th: Dynazty, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 7th: Steel Panther, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 7th: Sebastian Bach, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 8th: Gotthard, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 8th: Twisted Sister, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 9th: FISH, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 9th: Slaughter, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 9th: Mötley Crüe, Sölvesborg, Sweden
June 29th: Sister, Karlstad, Sweden
August 10th: Alice Cooper, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 10th: Sister, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 11th: Badmouth, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 11th: Sator, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 11th: Reckless Love, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 11th: Michael Monroe, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 11th: Hardcore Superstar, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 24th: Fatal Smile, Karlstad, Sweden
August 30th: The Darkness, Stockholm, Sweden
August 30th: Lady Gaga, Stockholm, Sweden
October 23rd: Cervello, Stockholm, Sweden
October 23rd: Steel Panther, Stockholm, Sweden
October 24th: Cervello, Gothenburg, Sweden
October 24th: Steel Panther, Gothenburg, Sweden
October 27th: Badmouth, Karlstad, Sweden
October 27th: W.A.S.P, Karlstad, Sweden
December 22nd: Pain, Karlstad, Sweden
December 22nd: Sabaton, Karlstad, Sweden

February 23rd: Toxic Rose, Oslo, Norway
February 23rd: Gotham Saints, Oslo, Norway
February 23rd: Sister, Oslo, Norway
February 23rd: Crashdiet, Oslo, Norway
April 19th: Colleteral Damage, Rome, Italy
April 19th: Reverse Grip, Rome Italy
April 19th: Lordi, Rome, Italy
April 21st: Colleteral Damage, Milano, Italy
April 21st: Reverse Grip, Milano, Italy
April 21st: Lordi, Milano, Italy
May 24th: Bon Jovi, Stockholm, Sweden
July 26th: Diamond Dawn, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 26th: Crucified Barbara, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 26th: Lordi, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 26th: Lita Ford, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 27th: H.E.A.T, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 27th: The 69 Eyes, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 27th: Twisted Sister, Rejmyre, Sweden
October 14th: Olly Murs, Stockholm, Sweden

February 17th: Blackwater, Oslo, Norway
February 17th: Steel Panther, Oslo, Norway
May 3rd: Reckless Love, Stockholm, Sweden
May 3rd: Gus G, Stockholm, Sweden
May 3rd: Marty Friedman, Stockholm, Sweden
May 3rd: H.E.A.T, Stockholm, Sweden
May 3rd: TNT, Stockholm, Sweden
June 5th: Pretty Maids, Norje, Sweden
June 5th: Roxie 77, Norje, Sweden
June 5th: Tesla, Norje Sweden
June 5th: Rob Zombie, Norje, Sweden
June 5th: Alice Cooper, Norje, Sweden
June 6th: Electric Banana Band, Norje, Sweden
June 6th: TNT, Norje, Sweden
June 6th: W.A.S.P, Norje, Sweden
June 7th: Danger Danger, Norje, Sweden
June 7th: Powerwolf, Norje, Sweden
June 7th: Billy Idol, Norje, Sweden
June 7th: Volbeat, Norje, Sweden
August 1st: Dream Evil, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: PAIN, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: Alestorm, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: Avatar, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 2nd: Crashdiet, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 2nd: Michael Monroe, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 2nd: Steel Panther, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 2nd: Hardcore Superstar, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 23rd: Amaranthe, Karlstad, Sweden
August 23rd: D-A-D, Karlstad, Sweden
August 23rd: Sabaton, Karlstad, Sweden
August 29th: HammerFall, Gothenburg, Sweden
September 30th: Lady Starlight, Stockholm. Sweden
September 30th: Lady Gaga, Stockholm, Sweden
October 10th: Dead Souls, Karlstad, Sweden
October 10th: The Haunted, Karlstad, Sweden
November 1st: Korpiklaani, Helsinki, Finland
November 1st: Lordi, Helsinki, Finland
November 14th: Linda Pira, Karlstad, Sweden
November 14th: Looptroop Rockers, Karlstad, Sweden

January 30th: Engel, Västerås, Sweden
January 30th: Amaranthe, Västerås, Sweden
February 4th: Serious Black, Frankfurt, Germany
February 4th: Orden Ogan, Frankfurt, Germany
February 4th: HammerFall, Frankfurt, Germany
February 5th: Sinheresy, Frankfurt, Germany
February 5th: Palace, Frankfurt, Germany
February 5th: Lordi, Frankfurt, Germany
February 11th: King810, Stockholm, Sweden
February 11th: SlipKnot, Stockholm, Sweden
February 13th: Stala&SO., Helsinki, Finland
February 14th: Cypher16, Helsinki, Finland
February 14th: Amaranthe, Helsinki, Finland
February 15th: King810, Helsinki, Finland
February 15th: SlipKnot, Helsinki, Finland
March 15th: Santa Cruz, Vosselaar, Belgium
March 15th: Engel, Vosselaar, Belgium
March 15th: Amaranthe, Vosselaar, Belgium
March 19th: Dirty Passion, Madrid, Spain
March 19th: Hollywood Groupies, Madrid, Spain
March 19th: Lordi, Madrid, Spain
March 21st: The Lounge Kittens, Oslo, Norway
March 21st: Steel Panther, Oslo, Norway
March 22nd: Charli XCX, Stockholm, Sweden
March 22nd: Katy Perry, Stockholm, Sweden
March 29th: Dirty Passion, Southampton, United Kingdom
March 29th: Hollywood Groupies, Southampton, United Kingdom
March 29th: Lordi, Southampton, United Kingdom
April 1st: The Lounge Kittens, Brussels, Belgium
April 1st: Steel Panther, Brussels, Belgium
April 6th: Hollywood Groupies, Brighton, United Kingdom
April 6th: Dirty Passion, Brighton, United Kingdom
April 6th: Lordi, Brighton, United Kingdom
June 4th: Toto, Norje, Sweden
June 4th: HammerFall, Norje, Sweden
June 4th: Def Lepard, Norje, Sweden
June 4th: Michael Monroe, Norje, Sweden
June 5th: Alestorm, Norje, Sweden
June 5th: Rock Godess, Norje, Sweden
June 5th: Dokken, Norje, Sweden
June 5th: Mötley Crüe, Norje, Sweden
June 5th: H.E.A.T., Norje, Sweden
June 6th: Frantic Amber, Norje, Sweden
June 6th: Hardcore Superstar, Norje, Sweden
June 6th: Avatar, Norje, Sweden
June 6th: Eluveitie, Norje, Sweden
June 19th: H.E.A.T, Dessel, Belgium
June 19th: Butcher Babies, Dessel, Belgium
June 19th: The Lounge Kittens, Dessel, Belgium
June 19th: Epica, Dessel, Belgium
June 19th: The Lounge Kittens, Dessel, Belgium
June 19th: KISS, Dessel, Belgium
June 19th: Marilyn Manson, Dessel, Belgium
June 20th: Exodus, Dessel, Belgium
June 20th: Korpiklaani, Dessel, Belgium
June 20th: Alice Cooper, Dessel, Belgium
June 20th: Alcest, Dessel, Belgium
June 20th: SlipKnot, Dessel, Belgium
July 3rd: Alice Cooper, Stockholm, Sweden
July 4th: Hardcore Superstar, Karlstad, Sweden
July 17th: Ammunition, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
July 17th: H.E.A.T, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
July 17th: Danger Danger, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
July 18th: Adrenaline Rush, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
July 18th: Dalton, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
July 18th: Work of Art, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
July 18th: Eclipse, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
July 18th: Michael Schenker, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
July 18th: W.A.S.P, Upplands Väsby, Sweden
July 25th: Bloodbound, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
July 25th: Civil War, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
July 25th: Korpiklaani, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
July 25th: Powerwolf, Gelsenkirchen Germany
July 25th: Sabaton, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
July 31st: Crucified Barbara, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 31st: H.E.A.T, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 31st: Hardcore Superstar, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 31st: Skid Row, Rejmyre, Sweden
July 31st: Europe, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: Beyond Visions, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: Honeymoon Disease, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: Tyranex, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: The Terrorhawks, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: Bloodbound, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: Besserbitch, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: Junkstars, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: U.D.O, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 1st: Dream Theater, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 9th: Annika Herlitz, Karlstad, Sweden
September 14th: Sparzanza, Karlstad, Sweden
September 14th: Tove Styrke, Karlstad, Sweden
September 14th: Norlie &KKV, Karlstad, Sweden
September 25th: Grimner, Stockholm, Sweden
September 25th: Korpiklaani, Stockholm, Sweden
September 26th: Grimner. Örebro, Sweden
Septmber 26th: Korpiklaani, Örebro, Sweden
October 1st: Critical Solution, Karlstad, Sweden
October 1st: Dynazty, Karlstad, Sweden
October 1st: W.A.S.P, Karlstad, Sweden
October 30th: Amberian Dawn, Vosselaar, Belgium
October 30th: The Gentle Storm, Vosselaar, Belgium
October 30th: Delain, Vosselaar, Belgium
November 1st: Civil War, Antwerpen, Belgium
November 1st: Orden Ogan, Antwerpen, Belgium
November 1st: Powerwolf, Antwerpen, Belgium
November 15th: Amorphis, Stockholm, Sweden
November 15th: Nightwish, Stockholm, Sweden
November 16th: Alice Cooper, Stockholm, Sweden
November 16th: Mötley Crüe, Stockholm, Sweden
November 28th: Civil War, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 28th: Edguy, Gothenburg, Sweden
November 28th: HammerFall, Gothenburg, Sweden

January 18th: Suicidal Tendencies, Helsinki, Finland
January 18th: SlipKnot, Helsinki, Finland
January 20th: Suicidal Tendencies, Gothenburg, Sweden
January 20th: SlipKnot, Gothenburg, Sweden
February 12th: Grave Robbert, Stockholm, Sweden
February 12th: Past Recedes, Stockholm, Sweden
February 12th: Switch Logic, Stockholm, Sweden
February 12th: Thandiwe, Stockholm, Sweden
February 19th: Toto, Stockholm, Sweden
February 26th: Bloodbound, Norwich, United Kingdom
February 26th: Alestorm, Norwich, United Kingdom
February 26th: Sabaton, Norwich, United Kingdom
March 16th: Voyager, Auckland, New Zealand
March 16th: Epica, Auckland, New Zealand
March 18th: Voyager, Brisbane, Australia
March 18th: Epica, Brisbane, Australia
April 1st: Serenity, Frankfurt AM, Germany
April 1st: Battle Beast, Frankfurt AM, Germany
April 1st: Powahwoff, Frankfurt AM, Germany
April 2nd: Serenity, Clermont-Ferrand, France
April 2nd: Battle Beast, Clermont-Ferrand, France
April 2nd: Powahwoff, Clermont-Ferrand, France
April 29th: Sumo Cyco, Stockholm, Sweden
April 29th: Butcher Babies, Stockholm, Sweden
May 30th: Hollywood Vampires, Stockholm, Sweden
June 8th: Amaranthe, Norje, Sweden
June 9th: Lordi, Norje, Sweden
June 9th: Megadeth, Norje, Sweden
June 9th: Queen (Adam Lambert), Norje, Sweden
June 10th: Epica, Norje, Sweden
June 10th: Lita Ford, Norje, Sweden
June 10th: Foreigner, Norje, Sweden
June 10th: Gamma Ray, Norje, Sweden
June 10th: Twisted Sister, Norje, Sweden
June 10th: Avantasia, Norje, Sweden
June 11th: Finntroll, Norje, Sweden
June 11th: Anthrax, Norje, Sweden
June 11th: Sabaton, Norje, Sweden
July 1st: Swallow The Sun, Helsinki, Finland
July 1st: Lordi, Helsinki, Finland
July 1st: Avantasia, Helsinki, Finland
July 3rd: Myrkur, Helsinki, Finland
July 3rd: Children of Bodom, Helsinki, Finland
August 5th: Haunted By Destiny, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 5th: The Hooters, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 5th: The Dead Daisies, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 5th: Freedom Call, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 5th: Hardcore Superstar, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 5th: W.A.S.P, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 6th: Vanity BLVD, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 6th: Art Nation, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 6th: The Quireboys, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 6th: Quiet Riot, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 6th: Helloween, Rejmyre, Sweden
August 19th: Brothers of Metal, Falun, Sweden
August 19th: Hysterica, Falun, Sweden
August 19th: Bloodbound, Falun, Sweden
August 20th: Amberian Dawn, Falun, Sweden
August 20th: Equilibrium, Falun, Sweden
August 20th: Lordi, Falun, Sweden
August 20th: Sabaton, Falun, Sweden
September 30th: Bombus, Karlstad, Sweden
September 30th: Imperial State Electric, Karlstad, Sweden
October 15th: Civil War, Stockholm, Sweden
October 15th: Powahwoff, Stockholm, Sweden
October 21st: Civil War, Örebro, Sweden
October 21st: Powahwoff, Örebro, Sweden
November 3rd: Smash Into Pieces, Paris, France
November 3rd: Sonic Syndicate, Paris, France
November 3rd: Amaranthe, Paris, France
November 4th: Kobra and the Lotus, Paris, France
November 4th: Evergrey, Paris, France
November 4th: Delain, Paris, France
November 5th: Kissin’ Dynamite, Paris, France
November 9th: Silver Dust, Dublin, Ireland
November 9th: Shiraz Lane, Dublin, Ireland
November 9th: Lordi, Dublin, Ireland
November 10th: Silver Dust, Galway, Ireland
November 10th: Lordi, Galway, Ireland
November 11th: Kobra and the Lotus, Dublin, Ireland
November 11th: Evergrey, Dublin, Ireland
November 11th: Delain, Dublin, Ireland
November 20th: Silver Dust, London, United Kingdom
November 20th: Shiraz Lane, London, United Kingdom
November 20th: Lordi, London, Untied Kingdom

February 3rd: Beyond The Black, London, United Kingdom
February 3rd: Powerwolf, London, United Kingdom
February 3rd: Epica, London, United Kingdom
February 6th: Warcorpse, Santa Cruz, U. S. of America
February 6th: Lordi, Santa Cruz, U. S. of America
February 8th: Aeonic Impulse, West Hollywood, U.S. of America
February 8th: Danse dE Sade, West Hollywood, U. S. of America
February 8th: Dûrion, West Hollywood, U. S. of America
February 8th: Towerguard, West Hollywood, U. S. of America
February 8th: Lordi, West Hollywood, U. S. of America
February 10th: Black Magic Beach Party, W. Hollywood, U. S. of America
February 10th: Danse dE Sade, West Hollywood, U. S. of America
February 28th: Epica, Helsinki, Finland
March 1st: Skálmöld, Stockholm, Sweden
March 1st: Epica, Stockholm, Sweden
March 17th: Twilight Force, Norrköping, Sweden
March 17th: Accept, Norrköping, Sweden
March 17th: Sabaton, Norrköping, Sweden
March 19th: Twilight Force, Örebro, Sweden
March 19th: Accept, Örebro, Sweden
March 19th: Sabaton, Örebro, Sweden
March 24th: Twilight Force, Stockholm, Sweden
March 24th: Accept, Stockholm, Sweden
March 24th: Sabaton, Stockholm, Sweden
March 25th: GYZE, Paris, France
March 25th: Majesty, Paris, France
March 25th: Battle Beast, Paris, France
April 1st: Twilight Force, Luleå, Sweden
April 1st: Accept, Luleå, Sweden
April 1st: Sabaton, Luleå, Sweden
April 8th: Ember Falls, Helsinki, Finland
April 8th: Blind Channel, Helsinki, Finland
April 8th: Amaranthe, Helsinki, Finland
June 7th: Art Nation, Norje, Sweden
June 7th: Grave Digger, Norje, Sweden
June 8th: Steel Panther, Norje, Sweden
June 8th: Aerosmith, Norje, Sweden
June 8th: Edguy, Norje, Sweden
June 9th: KIX, Norje, Sweden
June 9th: Gotthard, Norje, Sweden
June 9th: Ratt, Norje, Sweden
June 9th: Running Wild, Norje, Sweden
June 10th: Electric Boys, Norje, Sweden
June 10th: In Flames, Norje, Sweden
June 16th: Battle Beast, Dessel, Belgium
June 16th: AS IT IS, Dessel, Belgium
June 16th: Epica, Dessel, Belgium
June 16th: Europe, Dessel, Belgium
June 16th: Rammstein, Dessel, Belgium
June 17th: Avatar, Dessel, Belgium
June 17th: Rhapsody, Dessel, Belgium
June 17th: Deep Purple, Dessel, Belgium
June 18th: Alestorm, Dessel, Belgium
June 18th: Steel Panther, Dessel, Belgium
June 18th: Mastodon, Dessel, Belgium
June 18th: Rob Zombie, Dessel, Belgium
June 18th: Sabaton, Dessel, Belgium
June 24th: Delain, Halden, Norway
June 24th: Amaranthe. Halden, Norway
June 24th: Sabaton, Halden, Norway
July 8th: Art Nation, Trollhättan, Sweden
July 8th: Lordi, Trollhättan, Sweden
August 3rd: Accept, Wacken, Germany
August 4th: Evil Scarecrow, Wacken, Germany
August 4th: Kissin’ Dynamite, Wacken, Germany
August 4th: Skálmöld, Wacken, Germany
August 4th: Marilyn Manson, Wacken, Germany
August 4th: Kryptos, Wacken, Germany
August 5th: Twilight Force, Wacken, Germany
August 5th: Powerwolf, Wacken, Germany
August 5th: Alice Cooper, Wacken, Germany
August 5th: Serenity, Wacken, Germany
August 5th: Avantasia, Wacken, Germany
August 16th: Mark Zero, Falun, Sweden
August 16th: Brothers of Metal, Falun, Sweden
August 17th: Freedom Call, Falun, Sweden
August 18th: Follow The Cipher, Falun, Sweden
August 18th: Dirkschneider, Falun, Sweden
August 18th: HammerFall, Falun, Sweden
August 19th: Thobbe Englund, Falun, Sweden
August 19th: Lancer, Falun, Sweden
August 19th: Avatar, Falun, Sweden
August 19th: Evergrey, Falun, Sweden
August 19th: Sabaton, Falun, Sweden
August 19th: Grimner, Falun, Sweden
August 25th: Liv Sin, Falkenberg, Sweden
August 25th: Civil War, Falkenberg, Sweden
August 25th: Lillasyster, Falkenberg, Sweden
September 2nd: JD Miller, Hagfors, Sweden
September 2nd: Amaranthe, Hagfors, Sweden
September 14th: Battle Beast, Oslo, Norway
September 15th: Serious Black, Madrid, Spain
September 16th: Prima Nocte, Ciudad Real, Spain
September 16th: Lordi, Ciudad Real, Spain
October 18th: Epica, Antwerpen, Belgium
October 19th: Twilight Force, Vosselaar, Belgium
November 1st: Dynazty, Stockholm, Sweden
November 1st: Battle Beast, Stockholm, Sweden
November 3rd: Dynazty, Huskvarna, Sweden
November 3rd: Battle Beast, Huskvarna, Sweden
November 11th: Alice Cooper, Leeds, United Kingdom
November 18th: Silver Dust, Bochum, Germany
November 18th: Battle Beast, Bochum, Germany
December 18th: Sabaton, Sabaton Cruise, Sweden
December 19th: Brothers of Metal, Sabaton Cruise, Sweden

February 1st: Leave’s Eyes, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 1st: Rhapsody, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 1st: Amberian Dawn, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 2nd: Alestorm, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 2nd: Korpiklaani, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 2nd: Sabaton, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 2nd: Battle Beast, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 3rd: Battle Beast, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 3rd: Freedom Call, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 3rd: Triosphere, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 3rd: Amberian Dawn, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 4th: Leave’s Eyes, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 4th: Sabaton, 70.000 Tons, USA
February 4th: Alestorm, 70.000 Tons, USA
April 27th: Art Nation, Stockholm, Sweden
April 27th: One Desire, Stockholm, Sweden
April 27th: H.E.A.T, Stockholm, Sweden
April 27th: Slaughter, Stockholm, Sweden
April 27th: The Cruel Intentions, Stockholm, Sweden
April 28th: Wildness, Stockholm, Sweden
April 28th: Dynazty, Stockholm, Sweden
April 28th: Coldspell, Stockholm, Sweden
April 28th: House of Lords, Stockholm, Sweden


Other events:
Allsång på Skansen 2006 (Lordi)
Allsång på Skansen 2008 (The Poodles)
Sommarkrysset 2007 (The Poodles)
Sommarkrysset 2011 (The Ark)
Gladiatorerna 2011
Melodifestivalen 2006
Melodifestivalen 2008
Melodifestivalen 2009
Melodifestivalen 2012
Melodifestivalen 2013
Eurovision Song Contest 2010
Eurovision Song Contest 2011
urovision Song Contest 2013
Eurovision Song Contest 2016
Rock of Ages Autumn -13 (China Teatern)


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