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Sweden Rock Festival Day 4 – Saturday

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Early morning again for the last day at the festival. It’s always bittersweet, waking up the very last day of the festival, knowing that today is the last day whatsoever to be in this amazing place, waking up to the sound of music and knowing the day is, if I would do it, be filled by amazing acts.

Early in the morning I got up to catch Electric Boys in the morning.

Electric Boys

Electric Boys delivered an energetic and groovy set. I can’t exactly call myself a fan of the band as I merely just see them occasionally rather than actually listening to them on a regular basis, but everytime I’ve seen them I’ve enjoyed the show tremendously. And there was no exception for today. Conny Bloom knows how to get the crowd going, even at 12 in the morning. Thank you boys!

After Electric Boys I went around starting to pack… and I noticed my work out sweater was missing. Went to the showers by the campground to ask if they had seen it, and got the answer they had likely thrown it away. Apparently, they are the kind of people that throw away clothes rather than giving it to lost and found. Says a lot about them.

Kept packing up the camp – figured I might as well have it done, you know. I meant to see the Symphony Orchestra show, but I’ll be honest. I was really upset learning my sweater had likely been thrown away that I lost my mood. I don’t like losing my things, and even less when I can’t get them back.

Sadly, the distraction and packing sadly led me to also miss out on Rhapsody. It was when I packed the camp and heard some symphonic metal coming from the festival I realized they were on. Damn it. Damn me. I managed to see the last song though, so I guess I’ll just”redo and do right” on Graspop when it comes to them.

I took the time to do a last shopping round, picking up a piece of clothing and some other things before watching ARTCH.


The first, and so far only time I’ve ever seen ARTCH was in 2007 when they played together with Satyricon. ARTCH is the old, or well, current band of the old bassplayer from Wig Wam, so seeing him this year was a way to see some people that I once loved so much in the flesh again.

And it was emotional. It was very emotional seeing Bernt, or Flash, in action again on stage with this band. And Eirikur Hauksson on vocals is just incredible – I love him as a vocalist.  It was a great and small show, real cozy inside the tent. I loved every moment.

After ARTCH, I went to pick up some late night dinner and watching Venom while doing so. I had not planned to see this band at all, but I was happily surprised actually. I really enjoyed it. I will try to pick up on them somehow some day.

After this, I went out, picked up my folding chair, a bag of popcorn and a drink and sat down far way back at the site to watch In Flames from afar eating popcorn and drinking good Pepsi. After this, I went to bed and got ready for the long journey home tomorrow.

Thank you so much Sweden Rock for this year, and all the bands for being amazing. Thank you so much.

// Sara


Sweden Rock Festival Day 3 – Friday

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Today I got up early in the morning and headed off down to the car, the computer and internet to do something very very important: Get Katy Perry tickets. It was a smooth process – no queuing or anything. It’s going to be good to see her again – first time I saw her was two years ago. It’s funny though – this is the second time out of two times possible that I find myself buying Katy Perry tickets while at Sweden Rock. How great is that? And even better – we’ll be leaving for Katy Perry right after, and right from, Sweden Rock.

After doing such and returning to the camp, I got ready, had nice breakfast and then started searching for albums. You see, I have a little book with CD’s I’m supposed to get – because most of the time, I get blank. To put some perspective on this – I save up all year round for the shopping spree I go on on Sweden Rock. So once I’m here, I just kind of go blank.  Because the thing I’ve waited for all year is here and now I don’t know what I want to buy. So, I have my book to help me set me straight.

At 14.30 I headed off to Rock Stage to watch the old heroes in KIX.


I have never been a superbig fan of KIX, but I do like some of the stuff they’ve made, and was excited to see them. What I really like with these “old” bands is that nothing has changed. They are still the same, looking the same, acting the same. Most of them – not all. They put on a really good show, I enjoyed every moment of it. Half way through I had dinner / lunch while watching, and I seriously love these little moments.

The next band on the other hand, was the big one for me today.


I went off to Festival Stage in wait for this band that I saw the last here at Sweden Rock in fact five years ago, which was the first time I saw them with Nic. I remember how hard it was, hearing the songs, but also happy to see them with a singer that takes so good care of them vocally.

When the intro started, which consisted of old Gotthard songs merged together like when tuning a radio (similar to what Amaranthe has) it hit me like a fist right in the gut. I haven’t listened to Gotthard for so long because of the pain, and hearing it like this just remembered me about it all. Just like a kick in the gut.

The band came on stage and opened up with “Silver River”. And it was like no time had passed. “Electrified” was next on the list before they went for an old school favorite in “Hush”. The audience was pretty good actually – about what I’d expect for them playing in the midst of the heavy sun. “Stay With Me” was the next song on the list before continuing on with another big favorite – “Mountain Mama”.

Something that has always got me with Nic, is that whenever they sing older songs, songs from Steve’s era so to put it, if you close your eyes, you could almost believe it was him. He both sounds similar, and if anything makes himself sound very similar to Steve. “Feel What I Feel” was next song on the list, quickly followed by the very beautiful ballad “Remember it’s Me” from “Firebirth” album. “Sister Moon” and “What You Get” was next, and then something very special, and most importantly, very heavy, happened.

On the screen, the big screen on the Festival Stage, as they started playing “Heaven”… Steve Lee appeard. And a recording of his voice echoed out in the speakers, as the band played and sang along to it. The video displayed Steve singing. It was as if he was there. I can assure you – my eyes were not dry, and I don’t think any eyes were. Here’s to another gut punch, but it was so beautiful to see him being with them still, in a way.

After this gorgeous moment it was time for some old hits – “Top of the World” and “Lift U Up”, “Anytime Anywhere” being absolutely amazing as per usual, and then they wrapped the whole set up with “Come Together” and “All We Are”. The band thanked for themselves and walked off the stage.

Seeing Gotthard again was so amazingly good. Like a blast from the past, without actually being from the past. I’ve missed this band, I have to admit.

After this, I headed over to the signing session with Gotthard. I waited in line for some time, figured it was for the best to just get it over with. Went back to the car to dump off some things before getting back to the site and witnessing RATT.


RATT… the last time I saw them was on Sweden Rock 2008. I was really excited to see them again, seriously. It feels like all these bands I once saw like once or twice are just coming back for me to see once again. I said it to my friends – the bands on Sweden Rock kind of rotates a lot, and they always end up coming back if they haven’t stopped all in all.

The band was good. It was an energetic set, and a very very very energetic crowd if anything! It made me extremely happy to see that they got so well recieved. Really good show, thank you RATT!

As per usual, I needed to rest my legs – I don’t know what has happened in the later years, but my legs get extemely worn out in to the muscles and bones, and it gets painful to walk. So I sat in my car and lazily watched Scorpions on the big screen and listening to the music. It could be worse, right? And then, I headed in to see the last band of the night, Running Wild.

Running Wild

So, I have a friend who really loves Running Wild. Like, he REALLY REALLY loves them. Sadly, he was not present at Sweden Rock this year, so as any good friend would do, I streamed the whole show as good as I could to him over messenger.

The show was very very good. I had listened a little bit prior to the festival, but I was completely sold during the show. A pirate band, again. Are you even surprised? Probably not. There was a good vibe all through the crowd, and the band was performing well. A perfect ending.

After Running Wild, I headed back to my camp and went to bed. Electric Boys went on early, so it had to be done.

// Sara






Sweden Rock Festival Day 2 – Thursday

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Okay so something seems to be up with my matress. I’m not entirely sure yet, but fucking hell, it deflates. Perhaps I just didn’t stick it in properly. Uh. Started the day off in the recordstore – I had finally gotten my tax refund, so it was time to get some albums. I picked up on Alestorm’s “No Grave but the Sea” vinyl and album, as well as Gotthard’s most recent and Adrenaline Rush’s “Soul Survivor”. After this, I met up with Sofia, Johanna and Malin for some lunch at Holy Smoke Bar and Grill, Sweden Rock’s own restaurant. I’ve always wanted to try it.

And it was good, like, well good. So good I actually didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day, haha. Convenient.

After this, I headed off to Steel Panther’s signingsession. It was really good actually to see them and meet them again, after all this time. It’s been way too long now already. After that, I headed back to the car, dropped off the merchandise and to chill out and rest abit for the upcoming heavy evening. And soon enough, it was time for Steel Panther.

Steel Panther

They opened up the show with “Eyes of a Panther” as per usual, and quickly followed up with “Going in the Backdoor”. It amazes me to see how this band has grown, fanbase wise. Like, they’ve always been somewhat big, but not on this scale. And it’s fun to see how it’s happening slowly – they aren’t a one night sensation, they just grow bigger and bigger. I wasn’t a very big fan of “Lower the Bar”, but I still… they are my boys, you know?

“Just Like Tiger Woods” off “Balls Out” was next on the list before what seemed to become a big moment – “Fat Girl”. Seriously, this is still one of my all time favorite songs with this band. “Death to All but Metal” followed suit, and it was so good to see them again. So many trips down the memorylane, you know? “That’s When You Came In” was next on the list, “Poontang Boomerang” followed.

“Community Property” was next on the list, and the whole crowd kind of exploded. It’s so good to see you know? They barely had to sing the song themselves. The jokes told on stage by the way, are pretty much the same old. A little bit new, and this time I actually chuckled instead of being slightly annoyed.

“17 Girls” was next song, followed by “Gloryhole” before wrapping up the entire set with “Party All Day”.

It was so, so so, SO GOOD to see the boys again. My boys. My Steel Panther. I enjoyed the show a lot, thank you guys!

Right after this, I turned the other way and watched Aerosmith.


Ahh Aerosmith. I have sadly, never seen them before. The train was canelled in 2010 when I was meant to see them, so I was beyond happy to see them this year, and their supposed aero-vederci tour! Steven Tyler and the gang delivered an amazing set, I am at loss for words. It was good seeing a band that are really quitting at the top of the game, you know?

Thank you, Aerosmith!


Right after Aerosmith, it was time to head back to Rock Stage, and as I did so, I thought to myself “why don’t these band have pyros, I’m so fucking cold”.

Little did I know Tobias Sammet would have me covered.

As they opened with “Love Tyger”, the band set off enough fireworks and various kind of pyros to put a smile on everyone’s faces, to heat me up and for the rest of the entire festival. Holy shit, it kept on for some time. The rest of the set however had no pyro whatsoever, ironically.

With that said, it was a great show. Tobias is quite the entertainer, and he’s very generous I’d say when joking about himself. It was the perfect way to end the night – thank you!

After this, I headed back to the camp and went to bed… tomorrow was a big day…

// Sara

Amaranthe @ The Circus, Helsinki, Finland 8/4 -17

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And with that, it was time for me to embark on my last concert for some time. To be honest, I have to admit that it’s going to be pretty nice to have some “time off” from this, as the past weeks has been exhausting. If it was the concerts themselves, or the fact that I also started a new job a town over at the same time, I will leave unspoken of, but something has made it really tiring.

Of course, it was not all fun and games. Firstly, I slept on the bus to the point I actually missed my stop. And it’s funny, because I dreamt that I would miss my stop. And then I wake up to us leaving Terminal 5. So, as you can hear, it wasn’t superbad. All that happened was that I got off at Terminal 4 and walked back to Terminal 5…. only to discover the HUGE LINES everywhere and nowhere.

Yesterday, a terroristattack happened in Sweden and because of this, the security had been increased. So, waiting time for securitycheck was about an hour – and for once, I was even out in good time, and despite that, the airport staff had to escort us ( I found another girl who was in the line for Helsinki) ahead of the line so we could, barely, catch our flight. Oh how good it is to be TWO people when shit like this happens. But I’d like to tell you about something – when I first got in the line, there were a couple ahead of me that were getting on a plane that was taking off at 06.55. The time was 06.40.

I guess I never saw it before, because I was lucky – but the reviews on Arlanda’s websites are true. It is a pretty slow airport, and it doesn’t seem to know how to deal with massive amounts like this.

So, safe and sound and in time, I landed in Helsinki, collected my luggage and headed off into the city for some breakfast or possibly lunch. Basically, I was in Helsinki by 10.30 or so, and my hotel wasn’t open for check in until 16, so you could easily say I had some darn waiting to do. Spent the first two-three hours at Espresso House – in these cases it is real good that I’m such a slow eater – and after that I killed some time in the Forum shoppinggallery. The last hour in Forum I sat and read the sales book by Fredrik Eklund, before I could FINALLY get out and check in the hotel. The gallery is only five minutes away, so it was a looong wait.

Once in the hotel, I quickly got settled and then went to bed. I had had to take an earlier bus than expected, and because of that, I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep and figured I’d be better off actually resting a little bit before the show. Once woken up, I got ready for the show and then went off to The Circus – which is no less than five minutes away – this hotel is nothing but golden.

Ember Falls

I arrived just on time as the first band walked on stage (phew!). So, first opener of the night was Ember Falls, a Tampere based metalband formed in 2010. They delivered a very energetic set, and they actually seemed to have some fans in the audience. Not too common, so it was cool to see! The band was okay. I’m not entirely taken by them, but it could have been worse… as I was about to see.

Blind Channel

Next band on stage was Blind Channel. Based in Oulu, the band was formed in 2013. All clad in white they performed some strange merge of rap and metal. I guess it’s had some nu metal elements to it, but I really could not like this. And it did not get any better, whatsoever, when the singer came out in a robbers hood acting like a basic rapper. I have a hard time for these kind of merges, as the kind and side of metal I like is not the “fuck the police”, and well… Yeah. Simply not for me. But they did seem to have quite some fans in the audience, and they had charisma.


They left the stage and at 21.15, Amarathe’s very very long intro started and at 21.30, it finally hit off with “Maximize”. It was a pretty…. slow? audience. Like, it wasn’t as much response from it as I would have thought it would be. The opening was quickly followed up by “Boomerang” and their big hit “Hunger”.

So, as you guys probably know, Jake E decided to completely leave the band in February this year after having a hiatus from the band for some time. At the time, the news were heartbreaking, and the initally we all thought the spot would go to Chris Adam who’s been filling in for Jake during the past tour. It turns out, he has in fact turned down the offer, and while he still did some of the Swedish show, it was a new face on stage tonight filling in for Chris Adam, who is filling in for Jake.

And this person is no one less than Nils Molin, the singer from Dynazty. Dynazty is one of my favorite bands that I very very rarely see. They are incredibly hard to catch live, and seeing that Nils personally is one of my all time favorite male vocalist, seeing him on stage with Amaranthe, or seeing him perform all in all was very.. emotional. It was a moment of “Finally.” I was in ecstasy, as well as being smitten by the prescence and just happy. We will see if he will remain in Amaranthe or not.

They followed up with their big hit “Hunger”, and then “Invincible”. These songs had a little better audience response, even though it left much to be desired. The band was really good though – Elize is not as shy as I remember her, which is soo good to see. It’s so good to see her really get out there, connecting with the crowd and everything.

“1.000.000 Lightyears” was next on the list, followed by “Trinity” before it was time for Nils and Elize to have their moment in “True”. And you know, just hearing him work his voice and them two harmonizing together is simply amazing. They work so well together.

Right after this two person song, Henrik got to have his own little moment in “Fury” before everyone left Elize to her own thing with “Endlessly”. The thing is… I’m gonna say this, and get so many haters. Elize can sing. And she can sing well. But I never understood why she keeps stretching things – It’s a lot of, in my eyes, unnecessary screams and extensions, and this happens in almost every song. I don’t see the point in that.

“On The Rocks” was next on the list, and the audience seemed a bit more awake this time around. Morten was left on his own to perform his mandatory drumsolo before it merged into “Automatic”. “The Nexus” was next on the list, followed by the big audience favorite “Amaranthine” before they wrapped up the set with “Call Out My Name”.

After a little bit of wait, Andreas came out and did his… “stand-up-comedy” part before they hit off the encores with “Digital World”, followed by “That Song”, “Dynamite” and then have the whole set wrapped up with “Drop Dead Cynical”.

Speaking of that song. As the band was about to thank for the time and walk off stage, a record label representant came on stage and delivered gold singles for “Drop Dead Cynical” for Finnish sales. Congratulations Amaranthe! Well deserved.

After THAT, the band thanked for the evening and walked off the stage.

And me myself, I hurried off to the hotelroom, had some quick dinner and then went to sleep. Early day tomorrow.

// Sara

Sabaton @ Coop Norrbotten Arena, Luleå, Sweden 1/4 – 17

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So, it was time. This is one of those things that I call an “impulse” show, that wasn’t exactly planned at all, but still I end up going. Because this is essentially what I do – go to shows, and then last minute I go to one more. It’s happened quite a few times by now, so I really should have learned.

This time, I was going to travel quite a bit – but still within Sweden. The flight this day took me up to Luleå, which is up North from where I live. I got on the bus after work in the morning and tried to sleep the best I could on the bus with a man in front of me who insisted on having Skype conversations at 5 am in the morning. At the airport, I did my morning routine, got checked in and on the plane, and dozed off again. When I woke up, through the low volume music on my iPod I heard the pilot speak about Skellefteå. About that we were about to land in Skellefteå, for some reason. As someone who’s never flied domestic before, I was confused, but also figured it was a normal thing to do, until:

“And I’d like to remind you all that today is April’s Fools, we are indeed landing in Luleå”

Damn. He actually got me there, because of my lack of knowledge, but I noticed the other passengers was relieved as well. I was more concerned on how much delay we would get! Once arrived, I was hit with snow. That it was snowing. Which was a new sight for me.

While being on the bus down to the City center, I couldn’t stop staring out the window. Like, it is indeed Sweden, but yet, it feels like a complete different country. I don’t even know why. Once in the city center, I hit up my ever so beloved Espresso House for lunch / dinner, and then checked in to the hotel.

Which was also like the cutest hotel ever. I loved the room so much I barely wanted to leave. But you know, I had to. So I turned on some music, got ready for the show and went off to the venue. I guess you could have traveled there by bus, but I walked. It was only a 25 minute or so walk, and I was pleased, despite it being close to opening hours, it wasn’t a whole lot of people there. There were however several doors, which I have never been a fan of. But gladly, everything went smoothly and I could secure my front row spot. A kind gentleman next to me held my spot as I went to the bathroom one last time, and then the wait for the last time for this time would start. Also, I want to add. For this show, they had banned cameras. All sorts of them. So, I apologize for the lack of quality images.

Twilight Force

Twilight Force, again, opened their set heavily and epically with “Battle of Arcane Might” to a very… not so excited audience. I know that they had a group of hardcore fans a few metres away from me, but aside them and myself, not a whole lot of response. Whats up with the north? “To The Stars” was next on the list, followed by “Riders of the Dawn”. I’m not sure exactly WHERE in the set it happens – but as Blackwald was speaking, they tuned up his microphone, turning his voice into basically Chip n Dales. Well, if it isn’t the last gig!

“Flight of the Sapphire Dragon” was next on the list, before it was time for the second biggest surprise of the evening. “Gates of Glory” was the next song on the list – and you know… I went to this gig, for many reasons, but one of them being that I had this feeling – that it simply is not possible of these two bands doing a tour together with Jocke going on stage for at least one show. And I was absolutely right.

Before the second chorus, a very very familiar guy walked on stage, and by that, I got to witness “Gates of Glory” exactly as it was recorded.

Next on the list, and also the final song of the evening, was no less than “The Power of the Ancient Force”, also featuring a Sabaton member – Tommy Johansson, who showed us what his voice is really made of.

With that, the band said good night for one final time this tour, and left the stage.


Next up, again for the last time was Accept. As I told you in my previous writing, I had grown rather fond of Accept over these past weeks. It’s weird sometimes how things can change. They opened the show heavily with “Stampede”, followed by “Stalingrad”. This was an Accept crowd. The pressure at the front started coming in already, and the whole audience just seemed more engaged. “Restless and Wild” was next, quickly followed by “London Leatherboys”. The band was energetic – really as they have been on all the shows this tour, but it was something special about tonight.

“Final Journey” was next, followed by “Princess of the Dawn”. “Fast as a Shark” attracted a big sing a long as per usual, lately followed by my personal favorite “Metal Heart”. “Teutonic Terror” and “Balls to the Wall” wrapped up the set before it was time for also this band to say their final good byes and leave the stage.

And then.. it was just Sabaton.


As soon as “In The Army Now” the whole arena started to boil. And when “The March To War” started I couldn’t help but feel mixed emotions of sadness, longing and excitement. This is the last time for this time that I’m seeing this. It was hard to comprehend, but before I even could think about it twice, “Ghost Division” started.

And the whole arena basically exploded. Like, insanely. Out of all the gigs I’ve gone to, this audience was the most intense one.

“Sparta” was next on the list, and I will really truly never get over how cool this is live. Even with the Spartans playing around in… quite inappropriate ways behind Jocke’s back. Haha. So it begins.

“Blood of Bannockburn” followed suite, and then, the ever so annoying (yes I said it) “Swedish Pagans”. It’s really such a shame with this song – it’s not a bad song at all, but it’s been destroyed by, well, people. But again, how much can I complain when it’s followed by probably the most awesome moment of the night, that is “The Last Stand”? Not at all. Such an energy releaser.

“Carolus Rex” was next on the list, and Jocke comes out in his Carolean jacket turned inside out. Well… You know. It’s not only the end of the tour, it’s also April’s Fools, like, two flies in one hit if you like. “Gott Mit Uns” with Chris doing the first verse on Spoken nordic accent followed suite before “The Lost Battalion” echoed out in the venue.

“Lejonet Från Norden” was next on the list – and again – this song is quite the energy releaser. Like… some songs, you know? The ever so beautiful moment in “The Final Solution” was next on the list, followed by “Resist and Bite”, “Night Witches” and later wrapped up with “Winged Hussars”.

They left the stage, started the little video and returned to “Primo Victoria”. Again, the venue, the arena oh my god. And then.. “Shiroyama”.

You know, what sucks about this tight crowd is that it didn’t give you any room whatsoever to jump. This is because the lady standing next to me for some reason felt the need to stand still the entire show, fucking things up for the rest of us. WHY. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. Fucking hell.

Also, it was quite pleasant to see a hoard of elves invade the stage with samurai swords toward the end of the song. I figured they had to pull some sort of prank! HahahHahaha, I loved it.

“En Livstid i Krig” was next on the list, before they wrapped the entire set up with “To Hell and Back”, for the very last time for this time.

They gathered on the stage for one last picture, and for one last time, we see Pär wave the flag high up, and for one last time we say good bye to the heroes.

Seriously, this show was soo good, but I cannot deny the empty feeling it left afterwards. A kind crewmember of Sabaton spared me a setlist, which is my first one in ages! Thank you so much, you are precious! But it was weird.

Weird walking home in the dark, cold and snowy Lule night, after the finale of what has been almost like my life the past two-three weeks. The emptiness of knowing that this was the final time. No more chances (at least not for this particular package), no more gigs, this was the end. These past couple of gigs shared has been some of the most precious in my life, and I can easily say that I love Sabaton – to hell and back.

// Sara

Battle Beast @ Petit Bain, Paris, France 25/3 -17

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So, I went to bed at what, 1 am? And then up again at 3.30. Oh what I wouldn’t do for the bands I love. Up I went, caught the airportbus to well, the airport (what did you expect?) and got on my early flight to Paris. The flight was already at 6 – because this is what happens when you decide things last minute. You sort of simply have to take what is given. And unless I wanted to go into deep bankruptcy, I had to go for the 6am flight which had a stopover in Copenhagen. But you know, why not?

Once in Paris, I first headed off to Notre Dame to solve some Pokemon Go things – 7 days streak with lucky eggs, don’t mind if I do! Once done, I chased down every single H&M that was nearby in an attempt to get a hold of some items that of course had sold out in Sweden (at least in my size) and I was lucky enough to score it in the second or third store I went to. Off to McDonalds, because who has time to be classy? To pick up some lunch and then off to my hotel. My hotel was located right next to Bercy Village, the little garden, so it was a pleasureable walk, to say the least! Got checked in, had a quick shower (because Sabaton show happened) and got ready for the show.

Off I went to the venue and met up with Laura and Cyril – have missed them so much! It was really good seeing them again. And then we have the bastard Cyril who were at the 700000 tons of Metal cruise. What is that all about. Seriously, lucky bastard! We spent some time catching up and later they opened the doors. We didn’t make it to the front row, but we got some decent spots a bit in the back. And you know, I really don’t mind too much. Front row is nice, but there’s nothing like the space you have in the back.

And, pretty early to our surprise, GYZE went on stage.


Gyze is a metalband from Japan, and it was refreshing to see some bands from outside of Europe for a change. They delivered a very energetic set, I really enjoyed it – but I do question the decision to play mostly songs from a still unreleased album. Like, why?

After they left the stage, the gear was switched and Majesty got on.


I was happy to see that Majesty had quite the following in the crowd – people were really singing along and getting into it! They, much as Gyze, delivered an amazing and energetic set, getting yourself really pumped for what was about to come.

In the middle of Majesty Sophie finally arrived! She has a new job that disabled her to join us from the start, but finally. And I was so happy to see my little babydoll again. Ireland was too long ago, or well, it feels like it, so it was so good seeing her again! And then, the wait was over – Battle Beast started.

Battle Beast

So, they walked on stage and kicked the show off with “Straight to the Heart”, which is such an ass-kicker, like, it really gets you going! They followed suit with the ever so headbangfriendly “Bringer of Pain”. The audience response was incredible, and it got even better when the first single of the album – “Familiar Hell” started.

For those of you who may be uninformed – Petit Bain is in fact, a boat. Which means that when the crowd is jumping, the boat is in motion. You can really feel how the floor is moving. Scary, but incredible. I love the feeling – and this is exactly what happened in “Familiar Hell”.

“Into the Heart of Danger” was next on the list – and to demonstrate exactly how much on fire this audience was – they decided to start a moshpit to this. Which was a first, according to Noora. “We Will Fight” and “Let it Roar” followed suit, before it was time for a big fan favorite – “Black Ninja”. And I loved the performance – or how to express it. The smoke machines releasing and hiding Noora in the smoke – I love small tricks like this.

A more serene moment appeared as “Far From Heaven” was performed, followed by the pretty heavy “Lost in Wars”. Quite the important song these days, don’t you think? “Iron Hand” was next before Noora challenged us to dance, and you know, this is no problem for me as they ripped off “Touch in the Night”. Ah. What a song. I love it.

“Bastard Son of Odin” followed – and as you guys know, this is my personal favorite, and the good thing about being in France is the fact that I am literally the only Bastard son of Odin in the house – step aside all frenchies. The lion from the North is here. “Enter the Metal World” was next, before they wrapped the set up with “Out of Control”.

The band came back on stage, and started off with, well, saying they were going to do a Manowar cover, but instead wound up doing “Last Christmas” by Wham – and don’t mind if they do! I love it. The song, I mean. The incident was funny too.

“King for a Day” was next before they wrapped up the set completely with “Beyond the Burning Skies”. The band thanked for themselves and left the stage.

It was a really good show. Like, if there is any band who knows how to deliver and how to put on a good show – this is the one. The energy from the band really translates to the audience who responds so well to it. This is just beyond.

After the show, I hit up the merch real quickly to pick up Battle Beast’s “Steel” album and one of Majesty’s – I sort of had to wing it as I forgot to look up which one to get, but I think I got it good!

After the show we hung around a bit to catch up with each other, and Laura and I found ourselves having quite the heart to heart in the Paris night before parting ways. Once back at the hotel, I took a warm shower, packed, and went to bed.

This has been an intense weekend. Like, I can’t even describe. And this is just the beginning. I apologize for the lack of images – poor lightning isn’t my friend.

// Sara


Sabaton @ Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden 24/3 -17

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Third time’s the charm, eh? Well, it sure as hell were time for yet another round. If there is any band in this world I cannot in any way get enough of, it’s Sabaton.

So, off I went to the capitol of Sweden. It has been fairly unusual for me to attend gigs in other cities closer to home, so going away on the usual Swebus toward Stockholm was nice, but also… weird. Which is really odd.

Once arrived, I headed off to Subway to pick up some food, off to the hostel to get ready and have some early dinner simultaneously. After that, off to Hovet I went. Much to my dismay, a line had formed (what did I expect?) but I tried to keep my spirit up – some of these fools were wearing coats, meaning they’d have to go through wardrobe. I can’t believe people still wait in lines with coats. Will they ever learn?

Hovet however, this time around, had quite the different set up. So basically, they opened the doors and let us in, but didn’t let us down to the venue. Instead, we stood and listened to Twilight Force rehearse. Which just made me even more excited.

So, there were several gates, and I randomly chose one. I lost my first spot in the gate because of my shyness, but it turned out to be the best thing ever, as they opened the gate (this is sounding more and more like a Twilight Force song) right next to us, which allowed me to get further in the line. Once down, I saw how a group of people were ahead of me, but because of their strict “no running” rule, a lot of people were forced to the back of the venue, whereas I, who are used to walk big and fast after all these years in the stable, could secure a spot in the second row. I usually don’t do second rows, but I figured I’d try it this time. After all, I can just move back you know.

Twilight Force

So, right on time at 19, the mighty warriors walked on stage and hit off their show with “Battle of Arcane Might” – which has grown so much on me. What a battle song, what an opening song! They followed up strongly with “To The Stars”, and later on “Riders of the Dawn”.

A song that has grown to be my personal favorite of said band, “Flight of the Sapphire Dragon” followed suit before it was time to enter the “Gates of Glory”, before wrapping it all up with “The Power of the Ancient Force”. With that, the band thanked for themselves and left the stage. It was a good vibe on the stage, and the audience was pretty good for once! I like that.


So, the more I see this, the more fond I grow of them. I guess it’s some sort of tourfeeling – that we are in this together. They don’t know that, because they don’t see me, but I know. Different venue, different city but same routine as every night. And there is something comforting in that, don’t you think?

It’s all of us together.

They started the show off with “Stampede”, which is quite the powerful starter, like, in your face kind of starter, and quickly followed up by “Stalingrad”. “Restless and Wild” was next song on the list, followed by a song that has really started to grow on me the past shows – “London Leatherboys”. It’s something about the groove in the song that I just love so much.

“Final Journey” off their most recent release was next on the list, followed by a big favorite “Princess of the Dawn”. The lowbeat song was then followed by “Fast as a Shark”, which served as a good wake up for the somewhat tired audience. Stockholm, why you so lame?

Personal favorite “Metal Heart” – a song I’ve loved of Accept for as long as I have been a metalhead – was next, and it is magical to see and hear this song every night. I can’t deny that.

“Teutonic Terror” was next, before wrapping up the ever so energetic set with “Balls to the Wall”. The band thanked for themselves and then left the stage.

After this, the eager wait for Sabaton began. There is something extraordinary special, waiting for them to begin. Hearing the moodsetting music, seeing the soldiers running around on stage… and then… “In The Army Now” starts and the whole show starts.


So, it has been a while since I saw Sabaton from the front row – so I have completely missed out on this whole routine with the two soldiers blowing up mines through the intro. And I absolutely love it. Talking about setting a mood! Made it a whole lot more intense.

“The March to War” started, the video started rolling on the screen and then… “HELLO STOCKHOLM, WE ARE SABATON AND THIS IS GHOST DIVISION”

And the whole place went up in flames. Such an energetic start! Finally Stockholm is showing what it’s made of. And then, the Spartians marched out on stage and it was time for “Sparta”. I think I mentioned it already last time I wrote, but this has honestly become my favorite moment of the show. If it is because of the Spartians, or the song, or the whole package – I have no idea, but I truly love this part. The song is just so powerful.

By the way. When the show started, a very familiar blonde got up behind the drumset, and you could hear the crowd whispering “Hannes is back!” Here in Sweden, we have had the pleasure of having Twilight Force’s drummer Daniel Sjögren behind the kit. But now, Hannes’ daughter has been born and he’s back.

“Blood of Bannockburn” was next on the list, what a fun little song that is – seriously, if it continues like this, this song might end up in my top songs. “Tommys Choice” a.k.a “Swedish Pagans was next – Jocke didn’t even get a chance to say anything before the crowd, annoyingly, was already humming the tune. To be honest, I really am so over that song. Or more like, I’m over the hype of the song. It’s not that amazing.

But then again – “Swedish Pagans” meant that the next song is “The Last Stand”. And I cannot get over how good this song is, and how dreamy and magical it is live. Perhaps explosive is a better word of use when it comes to these people.

“Carolus Rex” was next – pretty mighty to be in Stockholm and hear the line “Hela Stockholm ser mig krönas” (All of Stockholm witness my coronation), adding so much to the show. It’s really just a question of semantics and feelings attached to a word, but it’s still… its massive. Or it was for me.

“Gott Mit Uns” with Chris and Tommy on the vocals were next on the list, before the unknown soldier appears on the television screen, providing the intro for “The Lost Battalion”. What an intense experience that is – this song really just… I guess it’s something in the lyrics or in the arrangements, but it fills you with emotion.

The song was followed by “Lejonet Från Norden”, complete outlet of energy. And the band, like, still after this long tour, so energetic. It’s good to see.

After this, the piano was brought in, “The Final Solution” performed beautifully – its a real powerful scene.

“Resist and Bite” was to be the next song on the list – but instead of being provided with a guitar, Jocke was instead provided with a Gold record. “The Last Stand” has sold Gold in Sweden. How amazing isn’t that? I’m so happy for these people. So happy to see this.

We quickly got thrown into the epicness and awesomeness that is “Nightwitches” – I really cannot get enough of that intro. It’s just.. I can’t describe it, to be honest. They then wrapped up the set with “Winged Hussars” before leaving the stage.

The little movie of the battles of Normandie started, accompanied with the amazing pyrotechnic and sound effects, exploding into “Primo Victoria”. And the arena exploded! It is so good to see. “Shiroyama” followed suite, then “En Livstid i Krig” and wrapping up the whole set with “To Hell and Back”.

The band thanked for themselves and left the stage, oddly enough without waving the flag. Well well.

After the show, I hit up the merch and acquired a Twilight Force bag and a tour shirt – I’ve come to realize I have no tourshirts of this band, so it was about time. Afterwards, I headed back home to my hotel and quickly started packing and going to bed.

To only sleep a couple of hours.

// Sara