Mannequin Show

I’ve spent the last few days listening to pretty much nothing but H.E.A.T’s new album. I won’t write about it on here until it’s fully released because of reasons, but I can tell you one thing. They get better and better for every album. However, I’m absolutely positive I’ve heard the chorus of  “Mannequin Show” somewhere else before. I almost had it last night, but then I remembered I had fall asleep as I was about to work in the stable today. Damn it. I WILL find out though.

Really, I haven’t said a whole lot this week. There are many reason for this actually. Mainly, time. I try so hard to keep up with my studies, work-applications and the job I have now. And I’m also in the midst of a CD-releases inferno, as you’ve noticed. Another reason is that I’ve decided to stay off social medias for a while.

I tried this the other day and noticed quite instantly first of all, how much freaking time I got over to do other stuff. You know like actually going through my closet and fidining clothes and accessories to sell. I’m about to put it up any day now. I also got a whole lot less stressed, seeing I don’t have to interact with people that do nothing but steal energy from you and reading a lot of pointless stuff.

I’m gonna need to head back for the next month though, as my hiatus as an admin on a Frozen fanpage ends then. But for that matter, I’ll probably only be on a few times a day, and my mainpriority will be to admin that page and to check off important stuff. So if you wanna reach me, I might just as well throw it out here that you’re more likely to reach me on my phone.

With that said, I’ll also announce that I for the first time EVER, realized that plucking your eyebrows isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Or perhaps I’m just getting used to the pain. I’m glad I finally got over my fear for it though, maybe I can tame my “so called” eyebrows now without using the not so trustable eyebrow-shaper-shaver thingy. Damn it.

// Sara


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