Horses sometimes.

So, I had a shift in the stable again for the first time in forever today. And let me tell you, it was quite an interesting day. It all really began with Cantino and Caligo. After releasing them in their pasture, they start goofing around. Of course they do, they are silly horses!

Anyway, what happens is that Caligo gets up on his hind legs and so does Cantino, and they sort of “face” each other. This ends up with Caligo getting his shoe stuck in the front of Cantinos blanket.

Oh. My. God.

First, the panic. How the FUCK do we solve this? How THE FUCK do you manage to let the hoof go, with both horses being spooked?

Gladly, a few moments after, we heard strings being teared and the front of the blanket, where he was stuck, was torn apart and Caligo was free. However, now came the next problem. Cantino is running around with a broken blanket trying to kick it off. Again, how the fuck do we stop a spooked horse?

Gladly, again, he managed to kick it off without any injuries. And without breaking anything else on the blanket too. We had to be pretty quick going into pasture and take away the broken blanket, as they started to play with it.

Again. Silly horses. Silly, silly horses.

The day ended with Boy jumping the fence and running loose. Apparently that’s a thing he do.

Silly horses.

// Sara


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