Human Frontier

I’ve been running around a lot lately trying to clean up here before my friend arrives. It’s not so much “cleaning” that need to be done as re-decorating and getting things away. I had hoped to get a frame today so I could stack away all my Frozen merchandise, but it appears it was a no-can-do. I hope I have better luck tomorrow.

Anyway. I was gonna show Paula a picture of my stack of CD’s I’ve gathered when cleaning up, when I decided it was a good idea to empty the tablet I have, so I don’t run out of memory, or rather, make sure to have saved everything in case I need to delete pictures on the go. When looking through the pictures, I found picture of the injuries I got during my stay in Italy.

And since I got nothing better to write about, I’m just gonna go ahead and talk about them. And to be fair, I’m fascinated with bruises. Not sure why. But I am. This is the first one:


This beauty I got when me, Michelle and Argo was on our way to Fontana Di Trevi our second day in Rome. We were runnig up a stone-stair and I tripped on a step and crashing my knee against the last step of the stair, you know, RIGHT on the edge. The fun part is, my first reaction wasn’t to see if I had any injuries, but it was to check if my pants had broke. I had my favorite pants on, and I didn’t want them to break the first time I used them. Especially not since I had managed to fill my NEW converse-rippoffs with blood on our first day in Rome.


Alright. This is, as you maybe can see, on the same leg as the previous bruise. I might add, I bruise REALLY Easy. I work in a stable right now, and I need only touch the hay-wagon to get bruises. I both love and hate it. This is anyway from the Lordi concert in Rome, I would believe. This is the normal kind of injury you get when going to a concert. I love it to.

I kinda like being bruised. I know – you must think I’m insane now. But I don’t know. Kinda shows of an active life. But I do hate it on some occasions. Like when we worked as Elsa and Anna at the cinema and I had the BIGGEST and BLACKEST of bruises on my upper thigh because I had walked into an iron wagon in the stable. Gladly, it was too high for it to be seen, but for Tinkerbell I had to use a double set of stockings in order to make sure my bruises couldn’t bee seen. So I guess that’s the downside of it all.

Oh well. Now you’ve learned some disturbing things of me. Now I’ll just return to wonder why Elsa is placed on top of my CD stack with Kristoff, Anna, Olaf, Hans, Sven and Flynn Rider(!?!) standing on the floor a bit away from it. Huh.

NP: Human Frontier – NEO

// Sara


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