For the first time in forever, at least I got a chance

Yes. There’s gonna be so much Frozen around here for now making you all boil of irritation. “Can you just stop being so obsessed with Frozen?”, well I’ll quote Elsa: “Don’t you see? I can’t!”

So no.

Either way. I will apologize a little quickly for being so dull in my updates. School and work is consumig most of time as of now, but for the first time in forever, it feels like I finally got a chance to pull this off. I’m not especially behind in either of my subjects, and I think I’ll nail it this time. Finally. It will take off some stress.

Or not.

You know what happens this Friday? Lady Gaga tickets go on sale. It’s fun, Sofia and I were just discussing how we’d love to see Lady Gaga again sometime soon, and before we knew it she had a gig planned. Huh. Timing, huh? Anyway. Tickets go on sales this Friday and I’m always a little hispy about these kind of things. What if I don’t get tickets? Whaaa.

Well. If I don’t, I can always console myself with Steel Panther this Monday. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. It’s finally here, after all this time.

Well, well, my bed is calling me. It’s quite a long day tomorrow, but I think I can handle it!

// Sara


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