Och för första gången nånsin, tror jag att jag förstår

Seriously, this week has been SO FILLED WITH I don’t even know! Seriously. I’ve been working a lot, on the same time as I’ve hurried to do some late assignments for school. Never rest right? Sorry for the inactivity, I suppose you understand. In the middle of it all though, mum brought me a little present!

olofelsa 009

No less than the little Kristoff figurine from the movies! However, as you can see, Elsa and Kristoff are missing a little sister and a snowman. If anyone just happens to have Anna or Olof and don’t feel the need for the anymore, PLEASE get in touch! Elsy and Krissy are looking for their lost family members.

Oh well, I gotta run back to school. It never waits!

// Sara


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