New Years Eve at Jennies

So this year, we spent New Year’s at Jennies, where she hosted a Disney dress up party! Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned, but all those preparations I’ve been talking about, have been making my costume. So who was I then? Well, I was Elsa! You know, from the (in Sweden) up and coming movie Frozen! If you’re like, anywhere else in the world, the movie has already been released, but not in Sweden!

elsaaa 003

This is literally what I’d sit and do for hours and hours. But I was so pleased with the result! Sadly, I seem to have no actual picture of the whole dress, but oh well. It might come!

How about the others then? Well. Jennie dressed up as Belle, Jonny as the Beast, Daniel as Flynn Rider, Jimmie as Milo (Atlantis ykno!), Martina as Magica De Hex and Richard as King Richard from Robin Hood. It was well fun all of it!

What is there to say about the evening, well, not a whole lot but also a lot! We had a Disney quiz which I hosted, I don’t even remember who’s the winner, probably team Cinderella or team Ariel. Or possibly Team Aurora. No seriously, I have no idea at all! The night continued on in good mans company with some Spin the Bottle, Photobooth challenge and Turth or Dare. Sadly, I don’t have any of the Photobooth pictures here with me, but I’ll upload them as soon as Jennie sends them!

All in all, it was a great night. Thanks everybody!

jenniesnewyears 002

jenniesnewyears 004

jenniesnewyears 006

jenniesnewyears 015

jenniesnewyears 018

jenniesnewyears 019


Happy New Year folks!



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