King of the Mountain

Despite this being a random Bon Jovi song that came on my shuffling iPod, I must say it fit the theme of the recent titles very well!

So. Yeah. I haven’t been doing a whole lot ‘cept from playing The Sims. And it goes pretty slowly if you ask me. She’s sculpting. That’s all she do. Today I figured it was time for change though, so I purchased another hotel for her, or ratherly, an empty spot for her to build it on. I struggled I bit with the blueprints, how to fit them out, but eventually I think I got it. Sadly, all the simoleons she’d made wasn’t enough, so we’re back to sculpting for now.

Apart from that, I’ve finally taken the bull by the horns and set up my computer area. I used to have a stationary one, but it’s like, out of service at the moment so I set up my laptop with the screen in my room. I’ve started to make it a bit cozy too. I’ve managed to get a very old lamp to work, set up my iPod speaker next to me here, set up the microphone and even started decorating the walls. There are still some stuff I want in on it, like, Dipper, Mabel, Bill, Mordecai, Elsa, Aurora, Clopin, Gideon and not to EVER forget: The Cullens, Rosalie’s and Rose’s, Candace, Mabel and Elsa. They are probably the most important ones. In case of confusion: The latter ones, from Cullens and onwards, are Sims. Important ones in one way or another. Once it’s done, I’ll show you all. But it’s gonna take a day or so. Hahahaha.

Oh well. It’s getting late over here, and Bon Jovi’s singing about “Silent Night”‘s, so I should probably hit the sack.

Good night people!

NP: Tokyo Road – Bon Jovi
// Sara


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