Eurovision baby!


Today has been a good day. I didn’t finish some of the things that I had planned, but it doesn’t matter! Because first of all, I finally got New Years plans! Second of all, I’m starting to get on the voices of Gravity Falls in Sweden. I noticed Scaredy Squirrel had some familiar voices (Gideon’s and McGucket’s, to be exact) so I’m starting to come onto it now. I will investigate it a bit further though, but you know, FINALLY!

But most importantly, which is worth FUCKLOADS OF CELEBRATING, is that I got…


Hell yeah baby, I’m just dancing my victory dance to Pops’ version of “Footloose” here. It’s always a little stress every year waiting for that little email telling you (hopefully) that you have gotten Eurovision tickets. Which I have. OH YEAH.


esc 426

esc 632

esc 637

esc 642

Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Photos obviously by me.

Well.With that said, I’ll wish you all a good night.


// Sara


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