Let The Hammer Fall

One of HammerFall’s best songs but it’s way better live. Honestly. Right now it looks like I won’t be seeing them this tour with Sabaton, but that’s Ok.

Today hasn’t been much. Felt ill this morning, were supposed to help Julia out with a photoshoot, but I cancelled. So I’ve just been watching One Tree Hill.And Magics Secrets Finnaly Revealed. And Gordon Ramsey. And Pamela Anderson. A damn lot of TV with other words.

Right now is Gotthard playing here. Talking about Gotthard, I’d like to tell you about my Jakobson family in the Sims. She have now achieved for goal of having ten kids, and thats a disaster. 4 of them are grown up, except from one, but he’s at university. And she has 5 at home. How does this do ten? Because she had a son called Johan, but he.. disappeard. The nanny stole him. While I remember that I shall check out The Sims 2.se, I made a topic about it ther. But except from her 10 kids, she also have 2 grandkids, and one on it’s way. This will be one big family. Believe me.

I guess that’s it for tonight.

Np: Girls Go Chopping – Lordi
// SAra


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