Cry Tough

Poison song. It feels like I’ve had this headline before. Or something. Poison is however one of the few bands I really enjoy from the 80’s. Toghter with Danger Danger and Mötley Crüe, I think those are the only ones I REALLY enjoy. Slaughter doesn’t count, neither do KISS. But I don’t like KISS that much either so. I saw them at Sweden Rock festival last year, and they were really good^^ And I got this killer shot of CC DeVille. Maybe I should become a concertphotographer?

We’re having mulitmedia classes right now. Our teacher is having a lecture about Flash,but I already know it. I recieved a email from CDON. Season 2 of One Tree Hill has arrived, and I’ll be ordering it. Talking about One Tree Hill, I have started to loose my interest for it. Not that I don’t want it, but I’m just… not that interested in Season 5. It might be cause of the fact that I’ve already seen many of these episodes (it used to be sent in between Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl on Sundays) so I’ve really started to miss the episodes that are now going on TV everyday. I’m more interested in their teenages. Season 1-4 with other words. So guess if I’m pleased with Season 2 being back in stock? CAN’T WAIT!

Sabaton or Lordi. HammerFall or Fatal Smile. I’m s till considering. The only thing that are clear, is that I’ll see HammerFall at Sweden Rock. I got my ticket two days ago, Lucky as I am! They’re sold out now! I was pretty sure about seeing three Lordi concerts by now, since a special person WON’T be seeing Sabaton, but I’ve started to doubt. Maybe I should take 2-3 Lordi and one Sabaton? or 3 Lordi? (Lordi is doing four concerts in Sweden). Sabaton and HammerFall are Swedish bands. Well, so is Fatal Smile, but they’re the support to Lordi, and Sabaton is the support to HammerFall. Shit. Help med. I realized that I’m running out of Gossip Girl books to. I’m right now reading book 4, but I haven’t ordered book no. 5 yet. But I will, today hopefully. Togheter with Season 2 of One Tree Hill. And season 1 of Dirty Sexy Money. Talking about the Darling dynasty, it’s getting REALLY complicated that serie! I’m glad I’ve followed it ALMOST from the beginning, else I’d be totally lost right now, haha!

Brians son’s mother (not Brians Girlfriend) is having cancer, and first she rejected treatment, but after seeing Karen and Lisa having a catfight over Nick she realized that she couldn’t live that boy with that family. I guess it’s messed up. Really messed up.

Tonight’s riding, and my teacher did promise me to have Kadesh… I guess we’ll have to see if I get him.. hmm..

Np: Not The Nicest Guy You Know – Lordi
/ Sara


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